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If the Internet is Your Corporate Lifeline, Certify it for Resilience



Resilient Internet White Paper 

Internet outages are accelerating with the rise of climate change. The cumulative toll to public safety, healthcare, business and national security is staggering. Yet, business leaders, policy makers, the public—even civil engineers—are completely unaware. 

For more, read: "
A New Paradigm for Resilient Internet Infrastructure"

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White Paper on Microgrids & Resilient Internet

If you're planning a microgrid installation, don't forget your greatest use case. Data. Saving mission critical data is the value proposition for a microgrid, not to mention the prospect of an added revenue stream to improve ROI. 

For more, read:
"Microgrids Find Their Business Case with Climate Resilient Internet"

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 Internet Resilience in the News 

Scientific American
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Microgrid Knowledge
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Lights Out: Climate Change Risk to Internet Infrastructure

Here is the seminal white paper on internet vulnerability to climate change, by Professor Paul Barford of U Wisconsin, Madison. You won't find a better study of the matter, however its singular focus on sea level rise overlooks a more urgent problem, extreme weather.

For more, read:
"Lights Out: Climate Change Risk to Internet Infrastructure"


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Sci Am: Wireless Tech Could Help Climate-Proof the Internet

Author Daniel Cusick writes: "A Boston-based startup is applying climate resilience and adaptation principles to the internet, which experts say is vulnerable to climate change." Published July 3, 2020.

For more, read:
"Wireless Technology Could Help Climate-Proof the Internet"

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Medium: Climate-Proof Internet is Here

In this article, we talk about the every day criticality of the internet and its inherent and growing vulnerability to weather. It's a problem not just for IT professionals, but for civil engineers, as data underlies all our critical infrastructure. 

For more, read:
"Climate-Proof Internet is Here and Critical Infrastructure Can't Live Without It"

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Certified Resilient Internet, Means Never Losing Mission Critical Data

Certified Resilient Internet is based on a new telecom Standard, modeled on a four-tier platform for resilience to extreme weather and grid outages. It certifies hardware, installation practices and maintenance, to protect customers as well as Providers. 

When it's Certified Resilient, the solution is more than a matter of faith. It's based on a collaboration of the greatest minds and experience in telecom and energy.


Resilience is more than a promise, it's our passion. 

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