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  • 1. What's the point of Certification?
    Generic bandwidth lends itself to price competition and shoddy providers, but where corporate lifelines and essential services are concerned, Certified best practices will win every time. IT managers don't understand fixed wireless and so Certification presents the safest choice, based on industry best practices. Accordingly, providers maintain healthy margins and escape competitive price erosion. ​ Lastly, Certification raises awareness to internet vulnerability and highlights the unique efficacy of wireless backhaul at enterprise scale. Our logic is irrefutable and ultimately the rising cost of business disruption will bring support from insurance carriers, regulators and other stakeholders.
  • 2. What gets Certified?
    Certification applies to hardware and installation, modeled on a 4-tier resilience platform, similar to data centers. Certification is a collaborative process that includes a provider's install plan and following installation, a Certification Cutover Package with site photos and relevant data. Our aim is to facilitate Certification, lend insights to help Certified Partners to achieve the highest resilience tier and protect the value of the Certification brand.
  • 3. Who provides Certification?
    Certification is through the Internet Resilience Consortium, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing internet resilience as a societal imperative, while spurring opportunity for the fixed wireless industry.
  • 4. What's the cost of Certification?
    For early adopters, Certification is free and clear for 3-years, following a custom sales and business development program, aimed at ensuring success. Program cost varies by provider size and includes 40-hours for David Theodore's direct assistance and availability to assist on sales calls for the first year. For smaller Providers, cost is $3,600 per month for 3-months. For larger, multi-state Providers, the program extends for 6-months. Subsequent Certification Partners will pay 12% of recurring revenues to the Internet Resilience Consortium for: 1. Market Development 2. Lead Generation: PR, Social Media & Advocacy. 3. Standards Development & Advancement 2. Certification Conveyance & Management
  • 5. What is Resilient Internet's role?
    We're an independent agent of the IRC, tasked with empowering Providers to fully leverage the Certification opportunity. To that end, we share extensive research and proprietary business development resources, encompassing sales, marketing, PR and engineering. We work seamlessly with Providers to train and collaborate with key personnel. And when we leave, your sales staff will be selling fixed wireless with a greater sense of pride and conviction than ever.
  • 6. Is this opportunity only for fixed wireless providers?
    Resilience Certification is an opportunity open to any internet service provider that has the experience or can hire it, to install microwave and millimeter wave radios according to Certification Standards. WISPs are a natural partner, given their focus on fixed wireless, however fiber ISPs also need to protect their clients, and so we welcome them, not to mention power backup vendors where resilient internet is the perfect complement to resilient energy.


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